9-24-2002 · Project started

This project started on September 22, 2002. It uses older code worked on occasionally by netdemon since around June 2002. It was created because of Bug 22775 on Mozilla's Bug database (Bugzilla).

I am currently working on the web site content and getting the code up to date. Until I have most of the content up, the formatting of the pages are going to be pretty poor. I have to take all the "ancient" code and get it working with the current Mozilla and then throw it up onto the CVS. That might take a while, so bear with me.

10-11-2002 · Code added

The original year-old code had been updated so that it builds and works like it did in the past with the current Mozilla code. Remember, this project is still not active. I want to get the site looking a bit better and also maybe produce a pre-alpha XPI before its activated.

See the current source.

10-15-2002 · Pre-alpha debug binary available

If you are a Win32 user (and brave), you can download a Win32 pre-alpha debug binary with autoscroll somewhat working. Don't expect much, but it will give you an idea of how far mozscroll has gone up until now.

10-15-2002 · Issues with CVS Web and some binary files.

I seem to be having issues with Mozdev CVS and binary files. When I do "cvs add -kb file...", the Web CVS browser tries to download it as text/plain. I'm not sure if it was uploaded as binary or not. I will hopefully resolve this issue soon. If it causes a problem for you, I'm sorry.

11-17-2002 · Binary files issue resolved

I have resolved the issue with the binaries. Even though the files are tagged as binary in CVS, the CVS web interface has problems in that it doesn't respect the tagging of the file. Therefore, we are supposed to share binaries in a different manner. I have moved them into the "downloads" directory and I sent an email to Pete Collins so that he can make it so you can download them as binary files.

11-17-2002 · Contact Info Added

I added contact info on the main page. I thought this was worthy for mention so you know how to contact me best.

12/31/2002 · This project will become active...

This project will become active when I have a workable .xpi available. The issue is that although I have a debug binary up there, it doesn't do any good for anyone but developers with Microsoft Visual C++ debug libraries installed.

12/31/2002 · For the time being try out to get autoscrolling abilities...

This project is meant to be such that it is fast, built into the basic XPCOM widget set, and minimally relies on the chrome. For the time being, you can get autoscrolling abilities from Although I don't approve of a chrome-based project such as that for ultimate inclusion into the tree for a performance-based feature such as this, it can tide you over until then. Since I plan to do it in XPCOM, it will provide me more freedom and make things less dependant on the chrome and changes to the way it works. It is also a feature that is better suited for XPCOM because it isn't very graphically-oriented and more based upon access to scrolling functions within XPCOM. Finally, being within XPCOM allows it to have more control over the propogation of messages and access to system cursors, etc. After a busy Christmas season and a few small bugfixes on Mozilla behind me, I can now get back to work on this.

12/31/2002 · Fixed Download issues...

I must have missed the reply to the email I sent in 11/17/2002 · Binary files issue resolved. I will look in the newsgroups for it. On another note, you can access the files on download.html :-)

The mozscroll project can be contacted through the mailing list or the member list.
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