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Note: Please excuse the mess... This project is not yet "technically" active. (This doesn't mean I'm not working on it)

Latest News:

Download the pre-alpha versions. I was told that a good idea is to release early and release often. Therefore, a newer debug, linux debug, and both linux and windows releases will be available soon.

About the project

This project was started on September 22, 2002 by Brian Bober. It uses older code worked on infrequently by netdemon since around June 2001. The story behind that code was that I started working on it as one of my first projects, and learned a lot about developing for Mozilla, but it was extremely slow going because I didn't have enough experience with Mozilla developing. Therefore, I worked on smaller projects for over a year. I felt that I am now experienced enough with all the aspects of Mozilla development and dusted it off.

Mozilla's code changed quite a bit since then, but now the code is pretty much up to date with only a few minor quirks. It was created because of Bug 22775 (Please do not add comments unless they provide some new information) on's Bugzilla bug database.

Table of contents:
End User documentation
Developer documentation
Download page

The goal of this project is to give Mozilla the ability to do the following:

In all 3 cases, pressing ESC before the action is finished will exit the action and do nothing.

The following is a list of the main bugs that influence mozscroll:

From within these bugs, you can see other bugs that they depend on or block.

The following is the abridged version of the plan for this project:

  1. Do general user and developer documentation for the feature.
  2. Get Autoscroll/Panning/Hand generally working properly in windows.
  3. Clean up and start documenting the code.
  4. Activate the project, release Alpha version, find people to help with development.
  5. Address glaring problems with the implementations that haven't been addressed yet.
  6. Implement non-windows widget code.
  7. Start releasing the beta version.
  8. Address less-obvious specific problems that are known.
  9. Clean up documentation and code.
  10. Release version 1.0 and add to Mozilla tree.

Contact info
My name is Brian Bober. You can send questions, information, etc using the following:
Group: public.mozdev.mozscroll
MAILING LIST: Notice: Mail appears on news server and vice-versa.
IRC: netdemon on

Please use EMAIL only if NEWS or IRC doesn't yield any results:
EMAIL: (might take a while for a response): netdemonz AT NOSPAM yahoo DOT com (Remove NOSPAM and replace "AT" and "DOT" with the appropriate symbols)

The mozscroll project can be contacted through the mailing list or the member list.
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